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I love learning and I love sharing what I learn. Taxes is one of those things that we all need to know about. Often times we don't learn about them until that fateful day that we file our first tax return.

I have met many people that experience horrible anxiety or fear when they think about taxes. I've also met a lot of people that have had bad experiences with tax preparers, accountants, and the IRS.

Taxes can be daunting. They can be especially difficult if you are operating with bad information. I help my clients know their responsibilities regarding tax filings. No song and dance (well, maybe a little song!), just their responsibilities.

If you have fallen behind and not filed for a few years, it's okay. I can work with the IRS and the state to fill in those details.

Ellen G. Mitchell, EA

Our Services

Federal & State Tax Return Preparation

•Back Taxes

•Tax Issues

•IRS Representation

•Audit Services

•Individual Tax Returns

•Schedule C (Sole Proprietor/Small Business)

•Schedule E (Rental Property, Royalties)

•Amended Returns

•Prior Year Review - Review for misses credits/deductions

•Tax Planning - Strategies for paying less on taxes

•Mid-Year Withholding Review - Avoid a big surprise at tax time

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